D.P.Z. " Tërnoci - F.M. "

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D.P.Z. " Tërnoci - F.M. "
, Magjistrala Pri - Shku. Uroševac
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D.P.Z. " Tërnoci - F.M. "

, Magjistrala Pri - Shku. Uroševac Kosovo
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Apiptcraee getting s

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Ocenio: Judith - 2017-05-19 06:00:22

Apiptcraee getting some real info on the EVO 4G as opposed to the Fandroid worship of anything with the Android OS. I’ve been tempted to get the EVO but when I went over to Best Buy, they only had dummy phones to stare at and nobody with a demo phone. Can you imagine going into an Apple Store and not being allowed to see or use the product before you drop huge cash on it?

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