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, Bill Klinton,Ob.C, Lok. Nr-9 Priština
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, Bill Klinton,Ob.C, Lok. Nr-9 Priština Kosovo
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Thanks to Cleargreen

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Ocenio: Pangeran - 2015-11-26 22:05:26

Thanks to Cleargreen, all participants and Wolf Spirit for the very fuurtfil Class!The practice of the Wolf Form gave me again the chance to broaden my perception. Due to it I caught many new details which were impossible in my typical position of perception.I heard the surrounding sounds as the layers of different intensity and density. So I could choose any of them as the river where my awareness might flow to get specific information. At that moment I understood that hearing is dominant sense for wolves and gives them very special picture of perception similar to human visual picture to orient in the world.After activation of wolf vision in my perception I could see very bright halo around some objects. And these objects caught my attention for some reasons.I liked very much the moment when we ran as wolves did. I felt my body as fluid energy with very pleasant sensation in all parts. I was full of power and speed in every cell. And my awareness was completely Here and Now. And very funny and nice feeling of the tail!! Thanks to Wolves and Teo!!In my scene I was very annoyed by the stupid proposal of my Daddy as I considered at that moment. I felt that he wanted me and my Mom be involved to accomplish his task. As I thought, he did it not to take responsibility for his actions and pass that responsibility to me and my Mom. I began to talk with him as a very strict Teacher who was very annoyed by “wrong” behavior of the “stupid” pupil.After the Magical Pass I realized that the role of the strict Teacher is very typical for me. And I’ve adopted this Role from my Mom who is playing it constantly with my Dad and her friends. And as my Mom do I play this Role very often with my boyfriend and my friends.Also I realized the role played by my Dad. His typical role is a Little Boy who wants to be in the focus of attention to get encouragement from the adults.Besides the clear understanding of the roles played each of us in my scene, I got amazing awareness that the Role played by my Dad provoked my typical Role of the strict Teacher.Each role in the Theater of social Box has its complementary role. They come in pairs. For instance, in my scene the role of Little Boy who wants attention from the adults played by my Dad requires its complementary pair. It is the role of the strict Adult played by me in form of the role of the strict Teacher. So all our awareness and energy were involved in this Play and supply our roles to be continued. Another flash of memory came to me after the Magical Pass was the time when I was a little girl who was completely disoriented by the roles I needed to play to be accepted in “social Box”. I really didn’t understand why I need to play the roles?? Why they didn’t accept me without any roles?? It was very serious crisis for me. To come out of it I finally decided to play the roles that complementary to the roles of the adults or accepted by the adults.And now it is very typical mode of perception for me – I try to play the role which is complementary to the role of my “partner in the Theater of social Box”. And I never stop to find my genuine Role, the role that complementary to the Role of Spirit in the Theater of Infinity. Thanks to this Class I can stop and find this new role in every moment of my day. These new roles of the Theater of Infinity are almost unknown for me but bring amazing Fulfillment and Harmony. Playing my new roles came from Infinity and complementary to Infinity I can offer the chance to other people to find new complementary roles came from Infinity too. And it allows us to escape the social Box being completely present in the world and playing the role directed by Infinity.With Gratitude, Irina Palei

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